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Smell Space

Smell Space originated from an interview with an astronaut who walked on the moon. He said space smelled like two rocks smashing together. Upon further research, space actually smells like a lot of things; burned meat, diesel fumes, metal. The only way we can smell it is if there is atmosphere. Smell Space is the imagined smell of space based on the observations of astronauts and chemical analysis by various NASA missions. Lift off the topper and smell an approximation of the universe in earthly terms.

Medium: Glass, liquid, meteorites, plexiglass, inkjet print, pedestal

Smell Space Ingredients:
Distilled water, vodka, iron, rum, diesel, meteorites, bitter almond extract, rust, penny residue, charred steak. lost cause.jpg
Lost Cause at Tiger Strikes Asteroid NY, Fall 2016
Gravity Assist with Sediment Arts, Satellite Artist-Run Fair 2015, Miami, FL. Accompanying sound piece by Cecilia